Play the role of a life-time
Realms, Swords & Magic is a text and illustrations based CRPG for Windows with a story spanning an entire lifetime and gameplay more focused on character interactions, than combat.

The game will follow your life as you are born a prince or princess who grows up to become the ruler of a realm who will have to deal with hostile realms and other threats.

Will you choose diplomacy, threats, war, political machinations, arranged marriages or other means to strengthen your realm? Will you send you best knights in stealth missions to capture, discreetly poison or gather important informations from an adversary? These are the choices that a strong leader must make.

Do you have what it takes to rule your realm?


Here is a screenshot of very early development. See the Blog for recent developments.

To find out more about the game, visit "The Game", to follow the development and get the latest NEWS visit "The Blog" and if you would like to help accelerate development of the game and help increase the number of in-game illustrations visit the "Kickstarter" link. Otherwise I would appreciate very much if you could mention RS&M to your friends.

I hope that you will find this project interesting,
Benoît Prézeau
Developer of Realms, Swords & Magic


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